9 Things to Know Before Investing Money in Sharjah (UAE)

Investing money in any sort of business is tricky. One wrong move and your investment can go wrong in no time. Therefore, most investors analyze and study the factors that might affect their investment. If you are new in this field, then there is no need to shy away from your duty, as researching the investment climate is a necessity that should be fulfilled.

Furthermore, if you are contemplating investing in Sharjah, then it is essential to know all the laws and regulations that can work in your favor. Also, there are some elements that you should know before investing. Thus, to reap the utmost outcome on your investment, keep these 9 things in mind before investing in Sharjah (UAE)

Investment Climate In THE UAE

UAE works on an open-door policy which means that it is welcoming to investors all around the globe. So it won’t be wrong to say that the investment climate in UAE is favorable for the investors. Currently, other than the oil industry, you can also invest in the local economy in regions such as Sharjah. Sharjah is the third-largest city after Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the UAE. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing economies of the UAE. Thus, investing in the business operations of Sharjah at this time could be fruitful in the coming future.

Savings Account

If you reside outside of the UAE, then you might want to first invest in a savings account. Local banks in UAE provide great deals and offers to expats who are willing to invest in their region or city. The rate of return is also favorable for the investors. Therefore, you can start by investing a small amount into the local banks in order to secure your money and ensure a particular rate of return on it.

Investment Process 

Although the formalities of investing might differ from the formalities of other countries, the process is relatively straightforward and quick in nature. Moreover, to avoid any legal shortcomings, it would be ideal to partner up with a real estate agent or a lawyer.

Not to mention, there are several legal formalities to be fulfilled by you, such as drafting a contract or signing a Memorandum of Understanding. Thus, all these formalities require a professional assistant. So, hire an agent who can act as a third party to help you with all the legal matters.

Taxation Policies On Investment

As far as tax is concerned on the investment, you can have a sigh of relief. No tax is charged on various investments, such as there is no tax on capital gains or on personal income. However, there is a tax of 5% on rental income. Moreover, Sharjah has some free zones that are totally free from taxation. This means if you choose to invest in the free zone areas, then you won’t have to pay any tax on the income generated on such investments.

You Should Have A Trading Account To Invest In Stocks Or Shares

If you simply want to invest in the stock market or shares in the UAE, then you need to have a trading account. You can open your trading account with the help of a broker. First, however, make sure to open your account in any of the three exchanges in the UAE (DFM, ADX, & NASDAQ Dubai). Once your trading account is opened, you are required to obtain your investor number, which can be obtained from the service desk. After you have all the needed credentials, you can start investing in stock marketing without worrying about anything else.

Business Investment

If you are looking to start a company in the UAE and you reside in a foreign land, then no time is better than now. As of now, you can open your own company with 100% ownership. All thanks to the new reforms that were made in the Commercial Companies’ Law of the UAE. This means that if you invest and start a company in a free zone(the area which is free from taxation), you can have full ownership of your company. Not to mention, before this reform earlier, there was a 51% ownership of the company to the non-residents.

Golden Card- A Resident Permit For Investors 

Investing in the properties of the UAE is the first thing that any investor looks for. Not to mention that the investors that have already invested their money in properties earned enormous profits. Furthermore, in 2019 the prices of apartments and villas significantly fell due to which most of the properties are more affordable now. Therefore, now is the better time to invest in properties in the UAE. Moreover, the government has also made it easier for the investors as now a Golden Card is issued for long-term residence for the investors.

Consider Dollar-Cost Averaging Strategy 

It goes without saying that everyone wants maximum profit from their investment. However, many people fail to execute the investment process correctly. As a result of which they don’t get the maximum profit which they could have earned very easily. So to avoid such situations, you can use the Dollar-Cost Averaging Strategy, which requires you to invest the same amount of money at regular intervals. This strategy will earn you long-term profits on your investment.

Be Alert And Active To Avoid Fraud

It is not a hidden fact that people who want to do a scam search for a soft target. So people who are investing in a foreign land are easy to target. Therefore, before you register yourself anywhere, make sure to check the authenticity of the source. Otherwise, you might end up participating in fraud without knowing about it.


Investment without risk could be difficult to execute as there is always a certain risk involved. However, you can certainly reduce the risk by considering the laws and regulations of the region in which you are investing.

So, if you are thinking of investing in Sharjah, keep the factors mentioned above in mind. While since 2019, the government of UAE has introduced new laws that are in favor of investors, there are still some areas to analyze before investing.


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